how we do it

The &FDN Method

We strive to do more than just create beautiful things (though we want to do that, too). We seek to create things & experiences that meet and challenge our audiences where they live. To make something relevant – and a little ahead of time – for both our client and their people.
We help you discover, develop, implement, and transition your vision into a clearly articulated and structured position. We then guide implementation and guide its adoption across your internal teams with a mind bent toward how it will take action through communications, product, and operations. The more integrated your position is into every channel, the stronger your brand will be positioned.

What you can expect

We begin with a reflection session. This exercise extracts your needs as well as your wants, it assures that we start out in the same mindset and we move forward from a clear deliverables list catered to your needs. We move through the creative process in close collaboration with you and your stakeholders with periodical check ins, scheduled reviews, and the occasional call just to say what’s up. We finalize with a package that aligns and articulates your vision for your brand, and stick around to integrate that package into your business channels so it doesn’t sit on the shelf.

Let's do this