Nourish  ~  Delight

Honey Mama’s makes an unprocessed, raw honey-sweetened chocolate treat that inspires joy and wellbeing. Each bar is handmade from 5 whole food ingredients that are nutrient rich and non-inflammatory. Begun at the Portland Farmer’s Market in 2011, Honey Mama’s is carried in over 3000 stores nationwide, single-handedly creating a new category of functional treat, and is at the leading edge of current snacking trends (itself a growing category) and is poised to continue its robust growth.

As a creative partner since its inception, I have consulted on brand and positioning and served as the primary creative resource – being directly involved in the naming, logo, tagline, packaging, guidelines, social strategy / calendar, and other brand needs as opportunities arise.

I am most proud of the honest and collaborative nature of this relationship, which has set the tone to evaluate & create as they grow. And then once work is released, we monitor and fine-tune to focus on what is working best, and change what is not. The result is a brand that is deeply loved, freely shared on social by influencers, and grows stronger with each new year.



Photographers:  ANDFDN

Role:  Creative Direction, Design, & Photography