Nau, a brand with huge potential, and promise, lacked a clear direction and focus in the market after several years of missteps. It is common to hear people say that they love Nau, but can’t follow that up with exactly why. With consumer research, initial positioning and persona development performed in collaboration with Ziba, and extending that through a collaboration with Studio Mega we developed the brand statement “Everywhere Better” as a container capable of delivering the two core aspects of our brand: versatility and social good. Guidelines, and a path to move forward was completed in-house while I was Creative Director there.


Given the thorough vision that drives Nau, we needed guideposts for anyone creating content so that all communication were rooted in the idea of Everywhere Better. I developed a strategy to show people engaged with a sense of place. With that more concrete idea, we could strip away what wasn’t necessary to reveal a more focused narrative that was easier to relate to (and remember). For instance, lifestyle photography set small groups in relatable, yet not obvious, spaces,. Product photography showed hints of a wall and shadows to indicate the presence of space without distracting from the shopping experience.

…with specifics

This strategy was given specific examples and extended to accommodate the needs for each channel: brand, e-comm (online + ads), social, product, retail, activations, and partnerships.


Developed in collaboration with Studio Mega, we created a simple and striking fixture systemic that placed a better brand presence in retail. Designed to be modular, it could be configured to accommodate small to large accounts without the need for separate fixtures. This reduced waste, overall costs, and simplified set up in-store.

Photographers:  Randi Berez, Chris Hornbecker, Sandbox Studio

Role:  Creative Direction

Agencies engaged:  Ziba, Studio Mega