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Sharing pretty much sums it up. KIN was microsoft’s social phone meant for the social teenager… social platforms were elevated to primary status in the UI, and a brand was created – initiated by Wolff Olins, then further developed and executed by a large group of agencies. Cinco increasingly became the center for guidelines regarding the brand… my role initially was to develop an interactive experience that would educate purchasers in retail. That intent was then transposed into a traveling sampling tour – part social hour, part product demonstration – to launch the KIN phone. We designed and built an experience that allowed kids to learn about the social phone in a natural way.

I lead integration of the interactive into the overall experience, and was involved with the design and build, including messaging, environment and freebies, etc…. The tour collaborative effort between the Cinco and Exposure; the interactive experience was a collaboration between Cinco and Razorfish.

Kin Sample Tour
KIN Sample Tour - Interactive Loop Screens

Client:  microsoft KIN

Role:  Experience Design, Design

Agency:  Cinco